Author Raves

‘Working with Eunice on the Create Your Bestseller On A Shoestring programme was just what I needed. I’ve been wanting to publish a book for a while now and didn’t quite have all the pieces in place to realize the finer detail of making it happen. Eunice opened my eyes to so many more things that are possible and how she can help me bring my book to life! I now understand more about preparing my book and how to put it on Amazon for the best and highest results. I’m really excited to get it published with her help. Every Author needs a Eunice in their life!”Bianca Forbes

Author Raves

‘As a busy author and community leader it is extremely helpful for me to know that important projects are being worked on with excellence and diligence, without my having to micro-manage. I greatly appreciate Eunice’s work ethic, standard of excellence, and joyful personality. She is a delight to work with.’D’vorah Lansky

Book marketing with Savvy BestSellers – Author Raves

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Gardenia Destang

“Working with Savvy Bestsellers was indeed a pleasure and a great learning experience. I found Eunice to be extremely resourceful, helpful, encouraging and motivating! Her very optimistic personality kept me committed when I felt like giving up!

Working with Eunice also taught me that writing a book is great, but marketing and getting people to know about your work is a completely different thing! It taught me the value of marketing and investing in various strategies to make your book a bestseller and I was indeed thrilled to watch my book become a bestseller both on the Free and Paid bestseller lists on Amazon. In addition, Becoming Me was listed among Conversations’ Top 50 Fiction Titles for 2013. Thank you, Eunice!” - Gardenia Destang,

Author Raves

Eunice played a key role in getting me onto the Amazon best sellers list and eventually to no.1 in my category. She showed a huge willingness to help and guided me to spot opportunities that propelled me on to success. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest tech developments which helps a great deal. I would highly recommend Eunice as a book marketing specialist. If you want to become a best-selling author, there’s no-one better to work with. Julian Hall,

Author Raves

Giftus R John

When Eunice and I connected about Savvy BestSellers providing online book marketing for Ma William and Her Circle of Friends, I was totally unaware of the options for marketing my book online. This quickly changed, as she ably guided me on my online book marketing options. I have encountered new avenues for promoting my book, and I have been amazed at the possibilities for branding myself as an Author online. One of the most exciting moments for me has been launching my first Virtual Book Tour, coordinated by Savvy Book Marketing.

Eunice has been a guiding hand in my journey, as she is very knowledgeable and well-versed in what she does. She has been patient and supportive of what I am doing and I have thanked her over and over again for what we have accomplished in finding an online home for Ma William and Her Circle of Friends.

I do hope that many other writers will be able to make full use of Eunice’s talents and abilities in  finding a place for their writing online. We cannot allow her talents to go untapped!

Giftus R John, Author

Author Raves

‘I found Eunice Nisbett to be highly capable, industrious, reliable and personable on all levels of her position while working with me concerning marketing innovations. Any position this hard-working, creative woman acquires will be mutually beneficial to both her and her clients.’

Here’s How to Market your Book to become a Best Selling Author

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Do you feel so busy and overwhelmed with marketing your book that you do not have time to focus on what matters most? Since you embarked on your journey as a non-fiction business author you have put much effort into writing and marketing your book. On reflection, though, you realize that the road has been much longer than you thought and that marketing a book calls for loads of energy and hard work.   Yet, you keep going, for after all, this book was not written for you. It is to be shared with your audiences and in the process, impact someone else’s life.

You have gained a wealth of experience in the business world and there is so much to share with which your audience. It would be thrilling to become a best selling author and you desperately want to reach your audience with your message to make a tremendous impact on their lives, increase your sales, yet, you either are working full time and barely have the time for marketing a book online, or sometimes you just feel so overwhelmed by the day to day responsibilities that come with marketing your books. Do not be deterred. With my expertise and your commitment, you can become a best selling author.

Know Your Audience

Are you ready to become a best selling author?  One of the first things to consider is your audience.

  • As you target your messages and your writing ask: ‘Whom am I speaking to, and with?’
  • Are you exhausted from spending time networking, yet not seeing results?
  • Could it be that you are targeting the wrong groups?

In sharing your message, consider your primary audience and focus your message directly to that audience.


Recognize that social media marketing is a powerful tool if used in the right way. You will need to focus in order to avoid all the noise and distractions, and you can do so by identifying relevant networking groups and then writing articles that will interest them. Are you feeling overwhelmed by what is involved? As your Book Marketing Strategist and Coach, I am ready to work with you, giving you the savvy support you deserve. Using effective online book marketing strategies, together, we will focus on creating or enhancing your brand and increasing your online presence so that you and your book will shine in a special place on the web. Using these strategies I have been able to share my clients’ excitement as they watch their books rise to the top of their categories on Amazon. Beyond that, I have been able to land speaking engagements that give them exposure to international audiences and thus increase their sales.

‘Overcome your Overwhelm’

Do not miss this opportunity to team with a Book Marketing Strategist and Author’s Coach who understands your need to leverage your message globally. Do you want to continue being bogged down with the administrative details?  Will your non-fiction book continue to be just another books in the sea of books, or will you let it find its rightful place? Do you want to continue spending long hours marketing a book online, without seeing results?

By signing up for the Savvy Elite BestSeller package today, you will benefit from:

  • Expert support from a professional who understands your needs
  • Guidance on how to market a book
  • Freedom to write again
  • Improved ranking for your books as you implement a strategic online marketing programme for your book
Sign up now for the Savvy Elite BestSellers Package for book marketing support and watch your audience grow and your sales increase!

On the other hand, are you a do-it-yourself author who just needs a guiding hand? Then select one of my Author Coaching Programs to see which one will work for you.

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